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Proclamation, Encouragement and Support


Proclaiming the Good news of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ.


To give encouragement to Christian leaders, workers and their Church members.


Supporting those that are lacking in their everyday needs.


Who we are

Learn more about who Ninety Nine To One are and what our mission is.

About NNTO

NNTO is a work that God has placed upon the hearts of Frank and Merci Pryor. Frank is from Birmingham, England and Merci is from Luzon in the Philippines. They have been married since 1973. They have two grown children, James and Ana. James, a product designer is married to Rachel. They have two children, Madeline and Michael. Ana is a graphic designer and living in London.

Ever since Frank and Merci have been together they have both had an understanding of The Lord’s call to live for and to serve Him in their lives.

Some time following their time as missionaries, in the early 80’s, in central Luzon the Philippines and seeing the growth of a Christian witness in the villages of Concepcion and Lapas, Frank and Merci began the ministry of Ninety Nine To One, a ministry of help and support to those in the Philippines who are seeking to serve The Lord Jesus as Christian workers, Pastors and church leaders. This work has grown and is now also extended to Brazil, Primarily in the state of Minas Gerais where our role has been one of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and giving support and encouragement to the Churches and their leaders

What we do?

Our first and foremost aim is sharing the Good news of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ, the support for Pastors and Christian workers,  the encouragement and support of Christian projects, Rebuilding homes for the homeless and poor,providing Water pumps where there is a scarcity of safe, clean water supply,providing support for those with ongoing medical needs and providing help purchasing their medication, helping the disabled by in all kinds of ways including the purchase and provision of equipment, helping with educational support for those who can,in turn support their own families.

Where we do it

Ninety Nine To One are working primarily in the rural province of Tarlac in the Philippines.

We are working in and around the towns of Concepcion and Lapas. Two small but busy towns in the province of Tarlac. These towns are surrounded by many rural farming villages. The villagers are farming folk who grow mainly rice, corn Mung beans and water melons etc. There are little churches and groups of Christians in many of these villages whom NNTO seek to support.

Our work in Brazil is one of proclaiming The Gospel and Kingdom of Jesus Christ,Sharing the truths of God’s Word, Encouraging His people and giving some practical/financial support to various initiatives and projects that are on the hearts of Church leaders and christian workers.

The Uk work is mainly concerned with the preaching and teaching of God’s word and the sharing of The Gospel of Jesus Christ alongside the encouragement of God’s people.

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